B2B Commerce App

Design Research | Visual Design

About the Project

Ferguson Enterprises had a mobile version of the the website that customers were directed to when they needed to make purchases on the go. The company was also supporting the SKU app that our customers used to order products online from our catalog by scanning barcodes. The SKU app could no longer be supported and an opportunity came to build a native app that married the mobile site with the SKU app.

The Problem
Deliver an MVP of the app as quickly as possible that sets a foundation to build on and pilot with customers.
I conducted a competitive analysis, reviewing apps in the B2B construction space, performed a heuristic analysis of the mobile site to identify opportunities to improve on the mobile experience and reviewed past customer feedback to inform design decisions.
Partnered with Product Leadership to identify priorities for navigation and base features. Started with simple wireframes to identify app flow and structure before starting work on final UI. We performed internal testing with the sales team and members of the business to collect feedback and make adjustments before piloting it with customers.
Main Takeaways
This was a fast turnaround to get the product out. The win was the collaborative efforts that took place to deliver the mvp. The missed opportunity was performing user testing to increase confidence in the design.

Since its initial launch, the app has been through many updates completed by members of my team who have since been able to validate many of the decisions made through user testing.