Ferguson Team Projects

Design Direction

About the Projects

These projects reflect strategy and design direction for work completed by members of teams I managed.

Product Detail Page
The product detail page went through a major redesign after performing a heuristic analysis and identifying major issues with the layout and information architecture.

The final design was structured to be modular and follow a revised information achitecture that prioritized key information and actions. The goal was to increase cart adds and making information about products accessible to reduce calls to branches.

Multiple user tests increased our confidence in the final iteration of the design delivered to developers.
Order History Page
Order history page redesign aimed to consolidate all branches of an order, such as back orders and returns, under the same order number.

I leveraged knowledge about specific user type to direct the design to align with the user expectation. In this case, the user type would be familiar with accounting and purchasing software and would benefit from a table like layout.

This design went through some iterations as the team learned from user tests conducted during design and after being released.
Merchandising Banners
One of the first goals I took in my role at Ferguson was elevating the quality of the Ferguson online experience. I had strong product designers on my team already working to elevate the quality of the UI. This freed me up to work with my content designers to work on elevating the quality of merchandising content.

In partnership with the marketing design team and the merchandising team, we worked on creating standards for typography, color and messaging. I challenged my team to simplify as much as possible, especailly on merchandising banners. They presented the opportunity for the most improvement.

The team continued to iterate, chosing to implement the standards as they work on new banners (we were cycling through banners every two weeks). This resulted in increased engagment on the new banners, and a noticible upgrade for the online experience.