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About the Projects

These projects reflect strategy and design direction for work completed by product designers.

Product Detail Page
The product detail page went through a major redesign after performing a heuristic analysis and identifying major issues with the layout and information architecture.

The final design was structured to be modular and follow a revised information achitecture that prioritized key information and actions. The goal was to increase cart adds and making information about products accessible to reduce calls to branches.

Multiple user tests increased our confidence in the final iteration of the design delivered to developers.
Order History Page
Order history page redesign aimed to consolidate all branches of an order, such as back orders and returns, under the same order number.

I leveraged knowledge about specific user type to direct the design to align with the user expectation. In this case, the user type would be familiar with accounting and purchasing software and would benefit from a table like layout.

This design went through some iterations as the team learned from user tests conducted during design and after being released.
Category Page
This new category page layout was explored with the hypothesis that if we displayed categories with subcategories nested below them, that it would improve product findability by reducing clicks to those product. The goal was to reduce time to checkout that could result in both increase cart conversion and average order value.

This design went through both user testing to identify major friction points, and A/B testing to measure against goals for this expirement. What we found is that this experience worked well for certain kinds of businesses, and so we rolled it out for those types of customers.