Ferguson.com Storefront Homepage

Design Research | Wireframe | UI Design | Front-End Code

About the Project

Ferguson Enterprises made a business desicision to allow guest customers to purchase products without having an account and create a storefront experience.

The Opportunity
Help new users on the Ferguson homepage find the products they need while keeping it easy for existing users to log in.
I gathered and evaluated analytics on logged-in users to identify patterns in behavior that could inform the structure of the new homepage. I then reviewed past customer visit notes that spoke about product findability. Finally, looked at other ecomm experiences and Baymard for additional insight into home page patterns.
Collaborated with Merchandising and Marketing to make sure design decisions were not conflicting with business needs. Some changes made included moving registration call-to-action towards the bottom, introducing a visual hierarchy to the page structure and bringing more focus to the hero area.
Main Takeaways
This was a design initiated project that provided an opportunity to set OKRs that aligned with the larger omni-channel company initiative. The goal was to set a baseline with this new experience and begin conducting A/B tests to identify what changes could further increase conversion.

Since its launch, the goals I had set of 21% increase in conversion have been met but with it came the side effect of decrease in new registrations. This was a driver for building an acquisition strategy and bringing my research team to support the effort.