Motives Online Party

Wireframe | UI Design | Visual Design

About the Project

The business identified an opportunity to introduce a social feature to the site that would allow their customers to schedule virtual parties as a way to introduce the motives brand to their friends. The objective was to acquire more customers through this channel.

The Problem
Acquire more customers by delivering a way for customers to host virtual parties that would introduce their friends to the motives brand.
This was a brand new feature that did not have many competitors to reference. Based on business needs, I started to identify components that be needed to create this experience and started to collect documentation on best practices for those types of componenets. I also recruited a few internal associates that fit the persona to ask questions.
The design aligned with the established Motives styleguide. This started as a wireframe to establish a structure and used as a tool to discuss feature function with engineering.

The overall design does is pretty complex with many steps to start a party and anyone invited potentially being overwhelmed with all the options.

Without a formal testing program at the company, there was not a lot of confidence that users would be happy with what was delivered. Company leadership were very pleased with the results though.
Main Takeaways
If I was going to redo this project, I would have explored breaking down the party builder UI into steps so that its easier to follow. I would have also performed guerilla testing with people who would be similar to our customers in order to test and learn.