UnFranchise B2B Checkout

Design Research | Wireframe | Userflow | UI Design

About the Project

The scope of the project was to redesign the entire checkout experience to align it with ecommerce best practices while taking into consideration the complexity of the business. The main complexity is organizing all the information in the experience to make it easy to scan and easily recognize key data values. The other complexity is accounting for the various payment methods the site supported.

The Problem
Reduce time at checkout by organizing the content so customers can find the data that is important to them and increase confidence in the order they are placing.
The main research conducted was interviewing business stakeholders and conducting a competitive analysis. Access to customers was restricted by the business, forcing me to rely on those business stakeholders to represent user needs.
I collaborated with business stakeholders and engineering in the redesign, starting with a wireframe to form the structure for the page and begin to flesh out the flow .

To make attributes tied to products (BV, IBV, RC Cost and UF Cost) more easily identifyable and consistently presented, I chose to use contrasting colors to differentiate. This would need to be applied accross the site for consistency.

To make the page scanable, a table structure was used so a customer can easily track the values before making a purchase.
Main Takeaways
This design could have benefitted from both some user research and a user test. I did not get a chance to see this change implemented to watch for feedback because I had left Market America before any development work began.